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Translations from English into Hungarian

  • General texts: from USD 0.04 per English word
  • Technical texts: from USD. 0.06 per English word

Editing Hungarian

  • General texts: from USD 10 per page
  • Technical texts: from USD 12 per page

Rates for urgent translations and editing are available on request. Rates are exclusive of VAT.

We offer discounted rates for private individuals, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.


Aniva Bt.
Hungarian Translation Service

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Websites needed in many languages

Government and venture capitalist investment in infrastructure will be required to break the cycle in which there is not enough content to attract users, and consequently not enough users to justify the creation of content.

Companies of any size wanting to leverage the internet to reach global markets, therefore, need to offer versions of their websites in each of the languages of their target markets.

Extract from:
Multilingual websites widen the way to a new online world
F Financial Times
February 7 2001

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