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Companies increasingly need to orient their business strategies towards culturally and linguistically pluralistic markets. This requires an awareness and understanding of the diversity of international markets and of concrete measures to deal with them. Studies have shown that the lack of such understanding has a measurably negative impact on export volumes.

Translation and interpretation, including software and multimedia content localization, are the backbone of cross-border communication. Maintaining competitiveness is thus closely linked with the access to affordable, high-quality translation and interpretation services.

Located in Debrecen, Hungary Aniva Bt. is a professional organisation offering comprehensive Hungarian translation services in a wide range of fields at competitive rates. All translation work is completed by experienced, qualified, native Hungarian translators each of them specializing in particular areas, such as medicine, pharmacy, economy, marketing, finance, etc.

Looking out for all our clients is our main concern - all enquiries are treated as a priority, and we are always on hand to take your calls and answer any queries.

Still in doubt? Send us a sample text (up to 150 words) and we will translate it for you free of charge. (Notice: we reserve the right to decline any request for free translation.)

Please, feel free to contact us with your comments and questions.


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Doing business in Hungary

"Success in the Hungarian market is extremely difficult without an in-country representative, whether it is an agent, distributor, or representative office. Letters, faxes, websites and packages of product literature will introduce a product or service. Hungarian language communication is recommended for speediest response. English is mostly spoken by the younger generation while German is spoken by middle-aged and elderly people. U.S. companies should make an effort to make sure that professional translators do the translation of their company brochures, product literature and general introductory materials. "

Country Commercial Guide, Hungary, 2003

Customer testimonials

"I appreciate all of the work that you do that goes into translating.
I am very fortunate to have found you." (Marianna, TX)

"It didn't look like it was translated to me, it looked like the original version - in other words, excellent." (Nigel, Hong Kong)

"Thanks again for your help. I will recommend you to anyone who needs these kinds of services." (Tatiana, PA)
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